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Relationship Marketing with Value-Added Content

Today, sophisticated B2B decision makers have no patience for self-serving promotional appeals. That is why wise marketers use credible, value-added content to attract and interest their prospects.

Our Compete with Content process is based on over 20 years of experience developing and distributing content offline and online to business-to-business decision makers in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and professional service markets.

Want to know more about Competing with Content?
  • Three business trends that make content key to effective marketing.
  • Content and Credibility?Today, a professional services marketing model applies to most     businesses.
  • Compete with Content is the right prospecting strategy for the Knowledge Economy.
  • Six content strategies to move prospects along the purchase path.
  • Six principles for effective content development.
  • The trouble with trade media and advertising is nobody reads anymore. They only scan.
  • Examples of credible content formats.

    Click here for a discussion of why relationship marketing is the ideal paradigm for your marketing communications, and why good, credible content is the key to an effective relationship marketing strategy.

    We'll help you:
  • Find the right content for your prospects, so they'll think of you when they are ready to buy.
  • Invest scarce marketing dollars in the content ASSETS that result in long-term relationships with your prospects and customers.
  • Use good content to get more information about your prospects needs.
  • Develop an advantage over your competition.
  • What is good, value-added, marketing content for your business? How do you develop and distribute it? Ask us.

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